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Project Description
An add-on enterprise library 2.0 trace listener that can optionally authenticate to an smtp server to send log messages. Based in part on the entlib email trace listener and work by Erwyn Van Der Meer for the Rolling flat file trace listener

Please post any feedback in the discussions area or use the issue tracker to record bugs

Getting Started
The Authenticating Email Trace Listener is supplied as two asseblies:
  1. Sprydon.AuthenticatingEmailTraceListener - this provides the listener functionality and needs to be deployed with your project
  2. Sprydon.AuthenticatingEmailTraceListener.Configuration.Design - this provides the desing time support in the entlib configuration console

To use the entlib configuration console copy both assemblies into the entlb bin folder and restart the configuration tool, a new add listener option is available when you right click on the trace listeners node.
The settings are the mostly the same as the default email trace listener but with three additional options
  • Authenticate - true or false to indicate if the smtp server required authentication
  • SmtpUsername - the username to use
  • SmtpPassword - the password to use

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